More than just a City App

Built for COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT. The official app for local governments of

any size.

Facing challenges in public communications, information sharing or with providing easy access to online services?

Can't update your website?

Public information needs to be published fast and sometimes on weekends when the administration offices are closed. It'sMyTown enables you to send updates in real-time.

Facebook gets out of hand?

Has social media backfired on you? Are people reading headlines and not the full responses from the staff? New channels trends? Take back control of the news narrative.

Too many calls and walk-ins?

Everyone's on mobile. Share information, online services and provide easy access to official news, community events and more -- all without user registration-- freeing up time for actual work.


Type "demo" and try it firsthand


Type "demo" and try it firsthand

Community engagement. Made Easy.

Built for Community Engagement, the It'sMyTown app helps you to share information, online services and real-time updates with residents and visitors, wherever they are – on their device, their social media accounts, or on the go. It ties to your social channels, has a website option and best of all -- it's an easy to use turnkey solution with no IT requirements for local governments of any size.


For communities of ANY SIZE. With It'sMyTown, it's easy to manage the mobile-app and social channels in one place. It can manage your website too - all from a single user-friendly portal that anyone can easily operate. Ask us how!

1 - 2,500 in Population

No community is too small. Our smallest City/Town official customer serves a population of just under a 980 residents.



2,501 - 5,000 in Population

Being small doesn't mean you can't have modern technologies just because you have smaller budget.



5,001 - 7,500 in Population

No additional overhead or tehchnical resorces needed, do things you're already doing - only better.



7,500+ in Population

Our bigger customers serve populations in the millions. It'sMyTown is built to scale without you worrying about it.

Check out what clients say

“We are now serving everyone everywhere people are and mobile plays a big role in that. It’sMyTown enables us to send/receive feedback in real-time and I like the fact that it ties with our social channels too.”

Gary Leftwich, City of South Fulton

“I think that the It’sMyTown app has been one of the best tools we’ve had. And the thing that has made it effective and different is not as much as the tool itself as the team that’s behind it. They make everything so easy."

Shana Thornton, City of Stockbridge

“SpotlightCMS, the administrative portal used to manage content is very user-friendly. There are no IT skills required so anyone can use it. And I like that it allows me to publish information and content."

Emily Woodmaster, City of Baldwin

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